Palm Jumeirah Area Guide

A trip to a glistening city like Dubai wouldn’t be complete without having witnessed the man-made island shaped by 17 fronds and a surrounding crescent. This is Palm Jumeirah exuding a display of the sea, sky, and sand. Home to iconic landmarks, Palm Jumeirah has gained momentum in becoming the prime investment window for elite residents.

Palm Jumeirah area
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About Palm Jumeirah

Enjoying a multicultural melting pot, Palm Jumeirah has stepped to be the UAE’s most significant icon which was artificially built as an island. Dotting this tree-shaped terrain are many wonders that are both explorable and worth a glimpse. In Palm Jumeirah area, you can instantly relish the wealth of Middle Eastern brilliance, architectural glory, and exquisite neighbourhoods nestled among the golden coastlines.

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai enjoys a medley of international sophistication and every real estate project here thrives on avant-garde building concepts. When construction began in 2001, the initial process involved dredging sand from the Persian and Arabian Gulf at ground level.

As complex as it sounds, the sand was then sprayed and had to undergo a vibro-compaction where the sand was improved and enhanced using GPS technology and thereafter framed by tons of rocks for safety. Since unveiling this new vision in 2006 when the first residential units were handed over, Dubai has gone through a resurgence as an enthralling hub of steel skyscrapers above the desert plains.

  1. Things To Do in Palm Jumeirah
  2. Best Schools and Nurseries in Palm Jumeirah
  3. Best Palm Jumeirah Restaurants
  4. Best Hospitals in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
  5. Best Hotels in Palm Jumeirah
  6. Top Gyms in Palm Jumeirah
  7. Palm Jumeirah Real Estate Market Report
  8. Palm Jumeirah Service Charges
  9. Palm Jumeirah Properties
  10. Investment Options in Palm Jumeirah Dubai
  11. Nearby Communities
  12. FAQs About Palm Jumeirah Area

A Guide To Palm Jumeirah Community

If you’re wondering what to do at Palm Jumeirah, this palm-shaped invention is scattered with the most ostentatious luxury infrastructures, entertainment, retail, and casual meeting spots, sprawling boardwalks, leisure facilities. The traditional elements combined it embodies the pinnacle of innovation.

To top it all, you might want to strap yourself in with your tandem skydiving master and plunge from 10,000 ft. from the sky and take in the spectacular sea views amidst the fronds and crescent adorned by sun-dappled sand coloured homes here and there. Palm Jumeirah offers all of this and more for a holistic fulfilling life.

Extending 6.5 km into the Arabian Gulf, Palm Jumeirah is a master development offering a stunning mix of beachfront apartments and penthouses, townhouses, villas, and hotels with one-of-a-kind luxury living features and first-class amenities for residents to choose from.

Furthermore, Palm Jumeirah community is not only a residential paradise but also a fabulous touristic destination. Home to some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and internationally renowned brands, Palm Jumeirah offers its clientele the very best resort lifestyle, each with a unique set of amenities and entertainment options.

1. Things To Do in Palm Jumeirah

palm jumeirah

Skydive Dubai

There’s nothing like witnessing the splendour of Dubai from a bird’s eye view as you jump from a shockingly beautiful drop zone from up miles high with seconds of freefall with the adrenaline rush picking up as you soar over the dazzling city. Skydive Dubai at Palm Jumeirah is best known for its spectacular offers in aerial sports including beautiful parachute rides and the Gyrocopter aircraft.

As you free fall, legs high in the breeze, you can marvel at the view of the palm fronds of Palm Jumeirah on the Persian Gulf in Jumeirah. Tickets are priced at 2,162.96 AED and may differ depending on the different experiences available.

Talise Ottoman Spa

Surely, one of the interesting places to visit in Palm Jumeirah is the Talise Ottoman Spa where the best of the relaxing Turkish baths are experienced. Depicting a physical embodiment of the Ottoman tradition, the swanky bathing house offers an immersive yet authentic spa and massage treatments for all pamper lovers.

Apart from the luxurious services, this exquisite hammam is intricately decorated with dark elegant woods, touches of gold, detailed arches, multi-colour mosaics, and murals.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Another one of the popular tourist attractions in Palm Jumeirah located at Atlantis one can’t miss is the Aquaventure Waterpark.

The theme water park caters to all ages with record-breaking waterslides, unlimited aquatic ride access, snorkelling adventures, and other heart-thumping interactions with marvellous sea creatures.

To enter, tickets are priced at AED 329 for a 1-Day Super Pass per adult and AED 279 for the same per child.

2. Best Schools and Nurseries in Palm Jumeirah

The formative years of personal development are one of the crucial stages for every child. Hence, enabling children to receive top-quality education and knowledge-based training to strengthen their understanding of their worldviews and the diversity surrounding them becomes easy when living in the Palm Jumeirah community.

schools in palm jumeirah

Blossom Palm Jumeirah

Founded in 2009, Blossom Palm Jumeirah is a leading nursery school that offers learning and educational opportunities for children between 0-5 years of age. Following the British Curriculum, the nursery allows every child to enhance creativity and well-being.

It fosters an unbiased-mindedness and perceptions needed to thrive at university and become successful professionals in their career aspirations.

American School of Dubai

Reachable within an 11-minute drive, the American School of Dubai was established to utilise the U.S. curriculum from Pre-Kindergarten to 12th Grade.

With over 80 nationalities, the school prepares students for higher study at most to the US and professional work, whilst learning the value of community and independence.

Regent International School

Set in 1993, Regent International School is a top-performing school that provides ages 3 to 18 years and has turned out with world-class exam grades over the last few years following the British Curriculum. The school is a mere 10 minutes from Palm Jumeirah Dubai.

3. Best Palm Jumeirah Restaurants

When you’re in Palm Jumeirah area you are never short of choices when it comes to food and flavours. From Continental cuisines to Michelin-star-rated restaurants, it has evolved into a sizzlingly divine culinary destination with lively rooftop terraces and a shiny coastal ambiance for food explorers and enthusiasts.

palm jumeirah restaurants

COYA Dubai

Surprisingly, you will find competitive Latin American gastronomy taking a stronghold in Dubai. The award-winning COYA Dubai presents a multi-dimensional dining experience with a craftily textured menu full of Peruvian classics and localised specials such as the rich and hearty Sopa de Cangrejo (Crab and Coconut soup), Croquetas de Lubina (Fish Croquettes) and Picante de Pepino (Spicy Cucumber) to name a few. The restaurant is reachable in 22 minutes by car.

Praia Dubai Beach Restaurant & Lounge

Located a mere 4 minutes away, Praia Dubai Beach Restaurant & Lounge is an open-air beachside restaurant at FIVE Palm Jumeirah that fetches refreshing European coastal cuisines and gives it a Japanese twist. The ambiance is electric with Miami beats and offers the best artisan shisha for shisha lovers.

Akira Back Dubai

Depending on your appetite in a zestful outdoor setting like Palm Jumeirah where you can catch the perfect sundown, Akira Back Dubai founded by the celebrity Chef Akira Back can serve a signature Japanese cuisine loaded with Korean and international tastes.

The menu is charming and adventurous, comprising extraordinary dishes like a Robata grill, Toko Caviar, AB Tuna pizzas, and Red Dragon with eel.

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4. Best Hospitals in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

palm jumeirah hospitals

The Emirates Hospital Clinic

Located in Golden Mile Galleria in Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hospital Clinic offers very personalised healthcare solutions and real-time quality services with a diverse portfolio of medical professionals.

Al Das Medical Center

With unwavering efforts, the professionals at Al Das Medical Center provide top-notch healthcare facilities and solutions that have had a positive impact on all its patients.

Nucleus Clinic

From dentistry, immunisation, IV therapy, physiotherapy, and COVID care, Nucleus Clinic located at Anantara Palm Resort flaunts a strong track record of serving family medical care, health screening, and vaccinations.

5. Best Hotels in Palm Jumeirah

palm jumeirah hotels

Raffles The Palm Dubai

Known to be the first Raffles beach resort in the Middle East, Raffles The Palm Dubai launched in 2021 and is a palatial paradise brought to life by the finest European artisans who’ve integrated unique interior choices such as 6,000 Swarovski crystal chandeliers and baroque style architecture.

Atlantis The Royal

As a famous icon of Dubai, Atlantis The Royal is considered to be the world’s most sumptuous experiential resort. With incredibly designed rooms, suites, and signature penthouses, the hotel brings next-level entertainment and hospitality all at once.

St. Regis Hotel

Delivering superior New York flair and bathed in elegance, St. Regis Hotel balances 264 lavish guestrooms and 26 elegant suites to serve a multi-sensory experience for your stay.

6. Top Gyms in Palm Jumeirah

gyms in palm jumeurah

Dubai Ladies Club

Absorbing the Jumeirah coastlines, Dubai Ladies Club serves an infused range of wellness and fitness options, especially for ladies. From the Moroccan-inspired Al Asalla spa, swimming pools, sports courts, and fully-equipped fitness center, this club curates a standard of excellence.

Chalk Training Ground

Specialising in class-based (group training) Fitness Ground, Chalk Training Ground is a platform for elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts to unleash their core strengths and physical transformation including endurance sports.

Pinpoint Fitness

With a branch stationed at Palm Jumeirah, Pinpoint Fitness was opened to deliver Obstacle Courses and parkour movements specifically crafted to enhance mental focus, stability, strength, and speed.

7. Palm Jumeirah Real Estate Market Report

A report confirms that Palm Jumeirah remains to be one of the top performing areas in the 3rd quarter of 2023 with 651 sales worth AED 9.47 billion. As a globally recognised community neighbourhood today, the off-plan market in Palm Jumeirah has seen an unprecedented surge in growth by bringing in high-net worth individuals.

According to Property Monitor, the average price of a studio in Palm Jumeirah stands at AED 1,502,098 while a 5-bedroom property is capped at AED 23,908, 785.

Looking ahead, the market further predicts a significant advancement with property developers shifting their strategy towards offering properties that constantly spawn ingenious architectural solutions and functional value.

8. Palm Jumeirah Service Charges

In Dubai, the cost of maintaining your property still remains at large depending on the price movement for each location. Here’s the breakdown of the service charges indicated for the Palm Jumeirah area:

#Property NameService Charge (AED / Sq. Ft)
1W Residences38.19
3FIVE Palm Jumeirah30.72
4Serenia The Palm26.73
6Tiara Residences19.32

9. Palm Jumeirah Properties

Upon entering Palm Jumeirah, the landscape is dotted with timelessly elegant properties that offer sweeping, 360-degree vistas of the Gulf, lush green spaces, unbeatable world-class amenities and leisure attractions for residents.

These Palm Jumeirah properties are carefully designed and created by renowned developers signalling a mature backdrop for investments to flourish.

Apartments In Palm Jumeirah

Unlocking the market’s full potential, Palm Jumeirah epitomises a super luxury lifestyle with its architectural prowess and consistency. A notable 52-storey apartment building is The Palm Tower by Nakheel Properties which offers fully-furnished studios, 1-,2, and 3-bedroom apartments at a starting price of AED 1,700,000.

Equally impressive is the Royal Atlantis Palm Jumeirah by Kerzner International which has 2-to-5-bedroom ultra-luxurious apartments between 2,043-14,432 sq. ft. averaging around AED 7,000,000 (starting price).

Another iconic wonder occupying the trunk of Palm Jumeirah is Shoreline Apartments featuring exclusive 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments that come with private beach access. Other apartments in Palm Jumeirah include The Crescent, Golden Mile, and Marina Residences.

Penthouses In Palm Jumeirah

As a highly residential island surrounded by the most refined elite hotels and iconic mega-resorts, W Residences at Palm Jumeirah boasts spacious light-filled 3 and 4-bedroom penthouses between 6367 sq. ft. - 13952 sq. ft. worth a whopping AED 59,000,000 with private sea views and entry access through exclusive private lifts and lobbies.

Another oceanfront paradise is Serenia Living sitting on the West Palm Jumeirah Crescent by Palma Holding which offers 3-4 bedroom large penthouses found in Tower 3 and Tower 4 at an average of AED 15,000,000 as a starting price.

Villas In Palm Jumeirah

Navigating this wide terrain, you will also come across a surfeit of modern villas lining this splendid geography. Designed using a medley of cultural styles from Greek, Spanish, Arabic, and Mediterranean, Signature Villas is a complex of 2-storey villas built on the branches of the Palm.

Hence capture perfect views of the beachfront with 3, 4, 5, and 6 bedrooms nearly starting from AED 14,000,000 to 38,000,000.

10. Investment Options in Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The off-plan properties market at Palm Jumeirah location is constantly skyrocketing. It has been a marvellous opportunity for local and global investors to give more scope for the burgeoning capital appreciation and better investment returns that could equally create a monumental demand for rental accommodation.

With many off-plan property projects rolling out today, Dubai has continuously witnessed a shift in its strategic vision as the leading pioneer of the investment and property management market in the Middle East. While keeping up with a sustainable approach and cutting-edge marketing trends to construction standards.

Some key off-plan properties currently under development at Palm Jumeirah are One Palm by Omniyat, Atlantis The Royal Residences, Seven Palm Residences, Azure Residences By Nakheel, and The Palm Tower.

11. Nearby Communities

The Palm Jumeirah viewpoint is unique in its approach as a standalone island but has brightened the path for both aspiring and current residents expecting a full array of personalised lifestyles and amenities. Equally fulfilling is its community reach.

The closest neighbourhoods full of culture and dynamism are JBR area, Dubai Marina, BlueWaters Island, Dubai Harbour, and Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT).

12. FAQs About Palm Jumeirah Area

Can I visit Palm Jumeirah for a short stay?

Yes. Whether you are a resident or a tourist, all are welcome to visit the Palm Jumeirah for any length of time. Given the island’s many hotels providing excellent accommodation, you can avail the perfect holiday destination with family and friends for a couple of days.

Is there an entry fee to enter Palm Jumeirah?

Entering Palm Jumeirah is free of charge. Visitors are only requested to pay for their personally scheduled itineraries within the island.

How can I get to Palm Jumeirah?

You can reach Palm Jumeirah by any public transport (metro and tram), car or taxi. If you opt for the Dubai Metro you get off either the DMCC or Dubai Marina station and proceed to take the Dubai Tram to the Palm Jumeirah stop. By car and taxi, Palm Jumeirah is easily reachable through Sheikh Zayed Road.

Is it expensive to live in Palm Jumeirah?

Nearly every accommodation located in Palm Jumeirah stands high with luxurious lifestyle, high-end dining and shopping, architectural marvels,. Therefore it is undeniably expensive. However, your individual needs will factor in to figure out if this is the place you want to relocate or settle.

How much does an average rent cost in Palm Jumeirah?

Prices could hugely vary as per the type of property and the specific location in Palm Jumeirah you opt to choose. However, on average you can expect to rent out a studio apartment for AED 118,000 per annum.

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