Al Barsha Area Guide

Predominantly residential, Al Barsha in Dubai records a rich and fascinating history that signals a favourable horizon for investors today. With a unique character and appeal, Al Barsha underscores the strategic demand in competition for real estate to explore and leverage as it remains open and thriving.

Al Barsha area
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About Al Barsha

The history of Al Barsha area reels back to the early 2000s when the area underwent noteworthy expansion, remaking it from a quiet residential district into a thriving urban center. The construction of the infamous Mall of the Emirates, with its indoor ski slope, put Al Barsha on the map as a premier shopping and entertainment destination.

Over the years, the area has continued to evolve, attracting residents and visitors alike with its chic and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Al Barsha Dubai is one of the most demanded residential communities among locals and expats from all walks of life. The neighbourhood is generally recognized for its refined metropolitan vibe, convenient location, and lifestyle amenities.

Property prices in this locality have over the years remained reasonably affordable, making it an ideal place for travelers, families, and young professionals looking for hotels and apartments for rent in Al Barsha.

Al Barsha district splits into several sub-communities: Al Barsha 1, Al Barsha 2, Al Barsha 3, and a new residential project named Al Barsha South. The Al Barsha South development is broken into Al Barsha South 1, Al Barsha South 2, and Al Barsha South 3.

  1. Things to Do in Al Barsha
  2. Best Schools Near Al Barsha Area
  3. Best Restaurants in Al Barsha
  4. Best Hospitals in Al Barsha Dubai
  5. Best Hotels in Al Barsha
  6. Best Gyms in Al Barsha
  7. Al Barsha Real Estate Market Report
  8. Al Barsha Service Charges
  9. Al Barsha Properties
  10. Investment Options in Al Barsha Area
  11. Nearby Communities
  12. FAQs About Al Barsha Dubai

A Guide to Al Barsha Community

Initially a remote, rustic locale primarily populated by Bedouin tribes, Al Barsha area has gone through considerable development over the years. The community’s name, “Al Barsha,” is derived from the Arabic word for “wilderness,” reflecting its origins as a desert landscape.

In the 21st century, Al Barsha matured into a booming urban hub with its stylish infrastructure, residential developments, and commercial establishments.

Al Barsha is a key commercial and residential hub offering a great combination of restaurants, villas, and apartments for rent and sale in Dubai. Each sub-community in Al Barsha provides a different property type and layout ranging from studios and apartments to detached and semi-attached villas in Dubai.

Al Barsha 1, home to Mall of Emirates and Ski Dubai is known to be livelier than all the other sub-communities. Highly preferred by working professionals due to its proximity to MOE and Mashreq Metro Station; the apartments for rent in Al Barsha 1 consist mostly of studios, 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments and villas.

While Al Barsha 1 offers hotel apartments for those looking for short-term accommodation, Al Barsha 2, 3, and Al Barsha South deliver a more tranquil and suburban vibe excellent for a family-oriented lifestyle. One can find spacious 2 to 10-bedroom villas for sale in Al Barsha 2, 3, and Al Barsha South area.

One of the standout features of Al Barsha community is the plenitude of recreational and leisure facilities, offering residents and visitors a myriad of entertainment options.

Mall of the Emirates, a world-renowned shopping destination, houses a wide array of retail outlets, dining establishments, and entertainment venues, including the famous Ski Dubai indoor ski resort.

Plus, Al Barsha is dotted with lush parks, fitness centers, and sports clubs, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and wellness pursuits.

Al Barsha Area

1. Things to Do in Al Barsha

Dubai Miracle Garden

Every year, when the weather starts to cool at the onset of winter, the gates of Dubai Miracle Garden reopen. Dubai Miracle is a flower paradise, extended over an area of 72,000 sq. m.

It features 150 million flowers coalescing into the region's most popular and odoriferous destination. The Garden has also been awarded the title of “world's largest natural flower garden.”

The breathtaking landscape carves a unique place in the hearts of visitors.

Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates is a must-visit destination when traveling to Dubai. A shopping paradise featuring glamorous fashion domes such as Chanel, Apple, Missoni, and Burberry.

Besides, Polo Ralph Lauren's luxury boutique is also available here. The Mall enchants visitors’ experience with exclusive services that are exceptional compared to others.

These include hands-free shopping desks, a digital concierge for instant messaging on new products, purchase assistance, limited-edition goods and deliveries, and valet parking.

Mall of the Emirates is not just a shopping spree’ destination but stirs visitors with the influx of entertainment activities such as VOC Cinema, Ski Dubai, and Magic Planet.

2. Best Schools Near Al Barsha Area

Al Barsha Schools

Kings' School

Following the British Curriculum, Kings' School is one the top schools in Barsha for young learners aged three to eighteen. The school has been rated by KHDA as “outstanding,” welcoming students from over 60+ nationalities.

Also, teachers’ devotion towards flexible learning environments is evident through the brilliant academic results of students. The best learning institution carved to strengthen your child's leadership, academic, and emotional awareness skills.

Dubai Heights Academy

Providing learning services since 2017, Dubai Heights Academy has entrenched its presence through an exceptional educational program.

Offering a warm environment to students from across 60+ nationalities, Dubai Height Academy aims to build a well-knit community while integrating positive envisions and learning stimulations.

Similarly, Dubai Heights Academy emphasizes students’ development with innovative approaches to nurture a holistic learning environment.

American School Dubai

Following the US Curriculum, American School Dubai nurtures resilience, Global citizenship, innovativeness, self-consciousness, and empathy among students.

American School Dubai has strengthened its presence through a unique blend of Islamic programs with a US common core standards curriculum.

American School Dubai has also won several awards while extending the program from pre-K to Grade 12, where students are given command of different subjects like social studies, Islamic, and Arabic education. The school’s high-quality education system has made it one of the top schools in Dubai.

3. Best Restaurants in Al Barsha

Restaurants in Al Barsha

St. Tropez Bistro

Located on the First floor of the Mall of Emirates, you will dive into the enchants and warmth of St. Tropez Bistro. St. Tropez Bistro promises an unparalleled experience with a French casual dining experience, immersing you in a comfortable environment.

Besides, St. Tropez Bistro features a welcoming, sophisticated, laid-back atmosphere that makes it a must-visit address for food lovers. Your Dubai exploration will be incomplete without a culinary journey at St. Tropez Bistro that feels pride in itself while crafting the dishes with precision and passion.

Lola Taberna Espanola

A Spanish cuisine situated at the Tryp by Wyndham Barsha Heights, Lola Taberna Espanola is an exquisite dining place that embraces you with its delightful dishes.

The desirable address focuses not only on its menu but also on the design of the space. This restaurant is a must-visit if you desire to immerse in Spain’s culinary traditions.

Tashas Al Barsha

Craving for a healthy breakfast or a scrumptious appetite, Tashas Al Barsha has something for everyone in its extensive range on the menu. The simple recipes with a delightful fusion of the ingredients give a classic touch to the menu of Tashas Al Barsha.

Moreover, Tashas’ every dish represents a philosophy behind it, bespeaking its consistency in quality and authenticity. The value of the constant innovation and fascination further makes the visitors crave the food available here.

4. Best Hospitals in Al Barsha Dubai

Hospitals in Al Barsha

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Established in 2013, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai entrenched its presence by providing world-class medical professionals, premium healthcare services, and modern technology. Al Zahra Hospital is a medical hospital that serves not only locals but also deals empathetically with international patients.

The hospital is located on Sheikh Zayed Road in proximity to Al Barsha, offering exclusive medical services with highly professional staff. The hospital also exhibits extensive medical expertise, with over 250 doctors and more than 400 nurses available.

Al Barsha Al Noor Polyclinic

Another highly-esteemed medical center in Al Barsha, Al Barsha Al Noor Polyclinic, assures quality and affordability in its treatment. The doctors employed at Al Barsha Al Noor Polyclinic offer the utmost care.

This medical center aims to infuse affordability while ensuring top-notch medical services from highly qualified doctors. The hospital intends to expand its vision with internationally accepted standards of healthcare excellence.

Furthermore, the health and medical equipment utilized here are precisely designed, integrating innovative approaches and techniques.

Medcare Medical Centre

Nestled in the heart of Al Barsha at 1km distance from the Mall of Emirates, Medcare Medical Centre is an exclusive multispecialty healthcare provider.

The medical center offers premium services to the whole community and the surrounding locales. In addition, the professional staff and highly-trained nurses provide optimal medical care, which is further complemented by effective customer service.

5. Best Hotels in Al Barsha

Hotels in Al Barsha

Millennium Al Barsha

Unwind your luxury experience with an exclusive stay at Millennium Al Barsha, where convenience meets elegance. Millennium Al Barsha offers state-of-the-art services with a laid-back environment for leisure and business travelers alike.

Whether you are escaping from the summer heat or staying in for a prolonged period, Millennium Al Barsha provides exclusive one and two-bedroom options with a fully-equipped kitchen.

The deluxe rooms feature king-size beds with vibrant designs, enhancing your stay. Plus, the hotel incurs world-class amenities such as laundry and dry cleaning services, car rental facilities, a health club, spa rooms, and much more.

Kempinski Hotel- Mall of the Emirates

Experience an unparalleled stay at the 5-star Kempinski Hotel within the iconic Mall of the Emirates. The hotel is as palatial as you might expect.

In addition, the authentic dining experience at Salero, Olea, and Aspen will indulge you in the exquisiteness of the place.

CityMax Hotel Al Barsha

With a convenient location near Al Barsha, CityMax Hotel elevates your travel experience with unparalleled experience and modern facilities. The hotel is affordable and features myriad food and beverage options.

Likewise, it encompasses 120 guest rooms, supplemented by additional amenities like WiFi, a rooftop gym, and an infinite pool.

6. Best Gyms in Al Barsha

Gyms in Al Barsha

Grand Gold Gym

Live a luxurious life but with fitness care, which you can receive at Grand Gold Gym. Grand Gold Gym is a chain of fitness centers in the UAE that showcase innovative strategies and modern gym equipment.

In addition, Grand Gold Gym offers a blend of biochemical fitness training, functional training, and planned cardio. Grand Gold Gym is the best fitness provider service in Al Barsha.

Body Master Gym

Body Master Gym is another training center to keep your fitness upgraded. Nestled in the Al Khaimah Building, Al Barsha 1, Body Master Gym provides modern equipment and premium training sessions.

Numerous fitness equipment like Leg Press Machine, Leg Curl Machine, and HACK SQUAT Machine are available here. Body Master Gym is aimed at unlocking your potential and helping you achieve your fitness goals through a comprehensive gym guide.

Nitro Gym

Nitro Gym is an ultra-competitive fitness center with advanced facilities and training sessions. Nitro Gym offers services to both men and women whereas, their highly affordable rates attract people from the whole region of Al Barsha.

You can achieve your dream body goals at Nitro Gym, where specialized trainers will genuinely guide you throughout the workout.

Besides, the gym also provides additional facilities like ample parking, free internet, personalized training, and general fitness classes to help you get started with your workouts.

7. Al Barsha Real Estate Market Report

A report published in 2023 confirmed that Al Barsha area strongly emerged as the top choice for renting villas in Dubai. At that time, the average annual rental price for villas in Al Barsha moved up to AED 388,000 while the rental transactions for villas in Al Barsha saw a surge of 18.8%

According to, Al Barsha has also secured a place in the Top 5 Areas in Demand for Off-Plan and Ready Property.

8. Al Barsha Service Charges

Service charges can vary depending on the location, community, property developers, and property type. Here’s the breakdown of the service charges indicated for the Al Barsha area:

#Property NameService Charge (AED / Sq. Ft)
1Al Murad Towers13.83
2Bella Rose15.95
3Villa Lantana 13.78
4Montrose A16.4
5Bahia 218.16
6Fahad 217.63
7Hilliana Tower12.76
9Madison Residency17.60
10Park View Tower15.36

9. Al Barsha Properties

Apartments in Al Barsha are particularly popular among investors due to their high demand from tenants and potential for rental income. An average fully furnished (chiller-free) 2-bedroom apartment spanning 1,401 sq. ft. in Al Barsha is capped at AED 99,500 yearly.

These apartments are available in various configurations, ranging from studio units to spacious three-bedroom apartments, and are often located within well-appointed residential communities with amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and landscaped gardens.

Villas and townhouses in Al Barsha pose another lucrative investment prospect, especially for investors seeking larger living spaces and privacy. These properties often feature contemporary designs, private gardens, and parking facilities, making them appealing to families and discerning tenants. An average super deluxe 7-bedroom villa spanning 13,200 sq. ft. is priced at AED 590,000 yearly.

Retail spaces such as Brands for Less, Grand Barsha Department Store, and City Centre in Al Barsha can be found within popular shopping centers and community malls, benefiting from high foot traffic and visibility. These retail units range from small shops to larger storefronts, catering to a variety of businesses and services.

Besides, Al Barsha is known for its proximity to schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping centers, adding to the desirability of residential properties in the area.

10. Investment Options in Al Barsha Area

Distinctively blending culture and commercial dynamism, Al Barsha is a masterpiece for retaining a solid real estate market pushing it to be a compelling destination for property investment.

Some of the well-known project developments in the Al Barsha area include Galleria Villas, Opera Villas, TIME Oak Villas, Millennium Al Barsha, and Ivory Grand Hotel Apartments.

11. Nearby Communities

Al Barsha itself is a multifarious community, with a combination of local Emirati residents, expatriates from diverse countries, and a growing population of young professionals and families.

The community’s nearest neighbourhoods such as Palm Jumeirah Dubai, JVC, Emirates, Hills, Dubai Motor City, and Dubai Internet City also reflect this diversity, albeit with precise elements shaped by the highly commercial nature of the area.

12. FAQs About Al Barsha Dubai

Is Al Barsha A Good Area in Dubai?

Al Barsha is suitable for residential developments and encompasses a myriad of top-notch restaurants, branded outlets, and numerous entertainment venues. It is a significantly famous residential district, offering exclusive and comfortable houses and apartments to diverse communities.

What is Al Barsha Famous For?

Al Barsha houses iconic entertainment venues such as the Mall of The Emirates and Dubai Miracle Garden. The district is also notable for its proximity to several beaches, including Kite Beach and Jumeirah Beach.

Can Foreigners Buy in Al Barsha?

Al Barsha is a highly rated district amongst residents due to numerous residential developments and upscale housing projects. However, the properties only in the newly developed Al Barsha South are accessible to foreigners for purchase.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Al Barsha?

The asking rental price for 1-bedroom apartments in Al Barsha residences starts around AED 33,000. Nonetheless, the prices can go as high as AED 75,000, depending on your demands. Considering 2-bedroom flats in Al Barsha, expats expect rental prices at around AED 45,000, although the prices are affected by various other factors like amenities, facilities, accommodation costs, etc.

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