5 Tips to Choose the Right Office Space

5 Tips to Choose the Right Office Space

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As an entrepreneur, picking the right commercial office for rent in Dubai can be crucial and overwhelming as a work environment is much more than just a collection of cubicles. It is vital to find the right balance between affordability, location, and functionality as the workspace does not only affect the daily operation of the business but also acts as a strategic business tool that reinforces the business cultures and values. There are different options available such as home offices, co-working offices, virtual offices, unfurnished and furnished offices for rent in Dubai. Whether you are setting up a new business or expanding your operation, there is a wide choice ranging from the poshest and ultra-modern to the affordable and cheap office space for rent in Dubai. 

Several factors can impact the hunt for office space in Dubai, here we’ve listed down some of the top considerations:

1 – Location, Location & Location

As with anything to do with property-related, location is a key factor when selecting a home for your business. In Dubai, office space for rent in Business Bay, Sheikh Zayed Road, JLT, Downtown, or Al Barsha are among the prime locations for businesses. Having an office in such areas will help in building your brand image by adding credibility and authenticity to your business. Additionally, location comes into play in Dubai as there are different types of commercial licenses running such as free zone licenses which require the commercial workspace to be located in a particular area. Therefore, your office spot should be suitable for your business type and the smooth running of your daily operation. 

It is important to ask yourself the right questions before making your final call:

  • Is the area easily accessible to your clients and employees?
  • How is the traffic flow in that particular area?
  • Are there good public transportation options around?
  • Are there budget-friendly facilities such as coffee shops, restaurants, and gyms nearby?

2 – Budget & Paperwork

Pricing is another major criterion to consider in your search for a new office space for rent in Dubai. As a potential tenant, you must carefully scrutinize similar properties in the area to ensure that you are getting value for money. And with the help of your real estate agent, assess the lease agreement to ensure all terms and conditions are mentioned in the contract to avoid any disputes in the future. Also, check if there are any hidden costs such as maintenance and parking. Know your budget limits and set a target for your decision to be viable in the long run by taking into account any potential rise in rents when renewing the tenancy agreement for your office space in Dubai.

3 – Flooring Space & Lease Length

Having a clear picture of your goals will help in determining whether you should engage in a long-term contract or opt for a short-term lease as you do not want to be tied up in a contract that does not adhere to your long-term business plan. Take into consideration whether you are planning to expand your company in the coming years and make sure there is enough room to accommodate more staff, especially if you are in a free zone in Dubai where the number of visas that can be obtained depends on how big the office is. You definitely cannot keep on moving every time you hire a new employee. 

4 – Work Environment, Layout & Amenities

The work environment and layout are also important factors to take into account when it comes to office rental in Dubai. For example, an advertising or media company will probably look for an open space office design while a law firm will prefer a more traditional layout for meeting clients. Likewise, the work environment should also be pleasant and comfortable for your team. Hence, bear in mind the amenities in terms of the pantry, storage facilities, and parking spaces. This can truly make a difference in the smooth running of the business daily. You certainly do not want your employees, clients, or yourself to struggle every morning while trying to find a parking spot. Ultimately, your final choice should be made after verifying if all the primary facilities are available so that you can focus more on your business operations.

5 – Seek Professional Advice from a Specialist Real Estate Agent

In your hunt for an office space for rent in Dubai, it is highly recommended to consult a real estate agent for the right piece of advice, suggestion, and guidance throughout the whole process. As an agent, not only will they be aware of the latest market trends but also have great negotiation skills to get you the best possible deals as they are constantly dealing with the daily market shenanigans. Make a list of every possible query and clarify all your doubts with your designated agent in terms of the number of cheques payable, accessibility, price, amenities, the flexibility of the lease, and any other factors.

Final Thoughts

In the covid-19 era, many entrepreneurs especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are considering sharing space with other companies or to opt for a virtual office in Dubai to lower their operational costs and stay afloat. Having a clear picture of your business goals can have a huge bearing on your final decision when it comes to picking an office space for rent in Dubai. While it may seem obvious, our expertise and deep knowledge of the market have over the years taught us that this needs more thought and deeper evaluation.

Setting up a new business or even changing the location of your office space in Dubai can be quite challenging. Connect with our Excel Properties Agent today to schedule viewings for some of Dubai’s most exciting commercial properties.

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