Downtown Dubai Area Guide

Emaar Properties’ mixed-use Downtown Dubai is in the city’s heart. As a bountiful neighbourhood, it has earned a standing for its high-end residencies and cosmopolitan charm. Located between Al Wasl and Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai unfolds a multicultural lifestyle where the real estate market opportunities remain competitive and positive.

Downtown Dubai area
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About Downtown Dubai

Springing from the confines of a once sleepy fishing village, Downtown Dubai, also called “The Centre of Now,” has transformed into a thriving urban sprawl with a robust lifestyle scene and remarkable nature as a genuinely global metropolis.Discovering your way about this expansive mecca can be an exciting experience, as it is divided into different areas by parks, fountains, canals, and futuristic architecture.

As a result, after you get settled here, there’s an intriguing community to explore and a place brimming with spectacular high-rises, ultra-wealthy homes, vibrant business districts, and other exciting places in Downtown Dubai.

Thoroughly crafted by Emaar Properties, Downtown is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, including Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Opera, and the Dancing Fountain.

  1. Things To Do in Downtown Dubai
  2. Best Schools & Nurseries in Downtown Dubai
  3. Best Restaurants in Downtown Dubai
  4. Best Hospitals in Downtown Dubai
  5. Downtown Dubai Real Estate Market Report
  6. Downtown Dubai Service Charge Index
  7. Downtown Dubai Properties
  8. Investment Options in Dowtown Dubai
  9. Nearby Communities
  10. FAQs About Downtown Dubai

A Guide to Downtown Dubai Community

Downtown is a prominent neighborhood in the heart of Dubai known to offer a high-profile lifestyle, unparalleled amenities, and stellar views of Dubai’s iconic skyline. One can easily find a selection of luxury apartments for rent and apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai.

Despite its popularity as a tourist destination, Downtown Dubai provides a complete community experience. The area is one of the most coveted addresses in the world among high-earning professionals, families, and investors in search of a residential, hotel, and commercial real estate in Dubai.

downtown dubai

1. Things To Do in Downtown Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, a magnificent 163-storey skyscraper known as the highest building in the world, was intended to be the focal point of the Downtown Dubai community.

Its distinctive architectural genius and elegant design have drawn visitors worldwide, making it one of Dubai’s most popular tourist destinations among Downtown Dubai buildings over the years.

Dubai Opera House

The Opera District, a renowned cultural attraction with the Dubai Opera House, a waterfront promenade with entertainment venues, and luxurious homes, is located in the center of Downtown Dubai.

The Opera District, intended as a dynamic event space, aims to support the arts, culture, and scenes of events that highlight regional and global artists.

Dubai Fountains

Merely a 3-minute stroll from Burj Park lies what is reputed to be the biggest choreographed fountain globally. In the evening, more than 6000 lights produce a stunning light show that is timed to different musical genres.

While admiring the breathtaking performance visible from space, guests listen to well-known pop songs, classical music, or famous Arabian sounds. Just below the Burj Khalifa is where you can find the fountain.

Souk Al Bahar

Dine and shop at the gorgeous Souk Al Bahar. A great spot to shop, enjoy entertainment, and dine this “sailors’ market” truly captures the mesmeric charm and enchantment of ancient Arabia.

Souk Al Bahar, next to the Dubai Fountains and located under the Burj Khalifa, is home to more than 100 stores and more than 20 eateries, cafes, and lounges.

2. Best Schools & Nurseries in Downtown Dubai

Some of the best schools are located in Downtown Dubai area. With a variety of options, including modern daycare centers, conventional nurseries, and schools, each providing a different ambiance and an inclusive educational setting that provides a holistically progressive and inspiring education for children of all ages.

downtown schools

Jumeirah International Nurseries

One of the leading schools in Dubai, Jumeirah International Nurseries was established more than 4 decades ago. Providing a holistic education the school offers learning skills to children aged between 45 days and 6 years old.

Safa British School

Founded in 2004, Safa British School is located in the Al Safa 2 area of Dubai and offers an enriched British curriculum to children from the Foundation Stage to Secondary education levels.

Dubai International School

Situated at Al Quoz, Dubai International School was first established in 1985 and follows the American curriculum. Serving classes from Kindergarten to Grade 12, the school operates another branch at Al Garhoud.

3. Best Restaurants in Downtown Dubai

The epicenter of Dubai’s culture, Downtown Dubai, is the best place to witness the enthralling dining experience that the city is known for. This tightly packed neighbourhood, which is home to some of the most famous structures in the city, opulent hotels, an unparalleled shopping experience, eateries, and bars, draws thousands of tourists there each year because there is so much to see and things to do in Downtown Dubai.

downtown restaurants

BiCE Mare

While seafood plays a significant role in the menu, BiCE Mare draws inspiration from Italy. Overlooking the famous Burj Khalifa, BiCE Mare serves meals that are primarily brought to your table and feature a colourful seafood assortment.

Kanpai Restaurant and Lounge Bar

In the Souk Al Bahar District, Kanpai embodies the essence of Asian hospitality. With a unique and appealing ambiance, the restaurant takes a gastronomic journey through traditional Japanese delicacies and is one of Downtown’s most reliable Japanese restaurants.

Amazónico Dubai

Located in the center of DIFC, Amazónico Dubai takes guests on a sensory adventure across the Amazon region by fusing tropical and Latin American cuisines, culture, and music. A spacious open kitchen, sushi bar, and rooftop patio are all housed in the interiors, designed with a jungle theme.

4. Best Hospitals in Downtown Dubai

As an all-around community in Dubai, Downtown Dubai has received much recognition. It is home to numerous medical facilities and its most opulent treats. Dubai’s clinics and hospitals offer specialist care and rehabilitation while addressing urgent medical issues.

These Dubai clinics typically serve patients who choose to consult a general practitioner over a specialist. Several hospitals and clinics in Downtown Dubai offer comprehensive healthcare services for visitors and astute residents alike.

downtown hospitals

Emirates Hospital

Creating a thriving ecosystem is the aim of this network of clinics and hospitals, not only operating as a hospital. Patients at Emirates Hospitals always have nice things to say about them because of their highly skilled staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and dedication to providing the best care possible.

Monroe Medical Center

A cutting-edge medical facility like Monroe Medical Center can be found in the heart of Downtown Dubai. Offering a wide range of medical services, including general medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, orthopedics, and cardiology, the medical care is first-rate, and personalized attention is given to each patient.

Valiant Clinic & Hospital

Located right in the heart of Downtown Dubai, the clinic and hospital are owned and run by Valiant Healthcare, one of the leading healthcare providers in the United Arab Emirates. The medical facility is well known for its exceptional care and attention to detail with every patient.

5. Downtown Dubai Real Estate Market Report

According to a published report by the Dubai Land Department, the Dubai real estate market saw a surge in the number of transactions in Q3 of 2023. While there was a small downswing in Q2, the market began to recover in Q3 and saw a 7% increase in transaction value as compared to Q3 2022.

The total transaction value in Q3 of 2023 reached AED35.71bn ($9.7bn), with off-plan properties accounting for 36.6% of the total. This represents a 46.72% increase as compared to Q3 2022.

6. Downtown Dubai Service Charge Index

Services Charges – What are they?

In Dubai, service fees are regular fees that property owners pay to keep their homes maintained and up to code. They cover a variety of property management facets, including general building/area upkeep, security personnel, cleaning, and regular maintenance. Service charges can vary depending on the location, community, property developer, and property type.

Here’s the breakdown of the service charges indicated for the Downtown Dubai area:

#Property NameService Charge (AED / Sq. Ft)
1RP Heights16.36
3Damac Maison Prive20.93
4118 Downtown27.99
5The Distinction23.1
6Upper Crest19.77
7Bahwan Tower Downtown19.42

7. Downtown Dubai Properties

Penthouses in Downtown Dubai

A penthouse is a residential suite on the topmost floor of a building. It is often considered to be the most luxurious and exclusive form of housing. Penthouses for sale in Downtown Dubai come with immense spaces and offer stunning views of the city. Private terraces and other amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, and spa are most likely included.

Hotel Apartments in Downtown Dubai

Hotel apartments are ideally small, self-contained units located in hotels or building towers. Hotel apartments have a kitchenette, living area, and bedroom.

They are often used by business travelers or tourists who want to have the convenience of a hotel room but the privacy and space of an apartment more or less for the long term.

Villas in Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai Villas are a type of house or home that is larger and more luxurious than a standard house. Villas often have multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and amenities such as a pool, tennis court, and private garden. A villa can also refer to a type of hotel that offers guests the opportunity to stay in a private villa in Dubai.

Duplexes in Downtown Dubai

Duplexes are two separate apartments or houses that share a wall and are connected by a common entrance. Smaller than single-family homes, they can be more affordable. Duplexes can be found in both urban and suburban areas of Dubai.

Half Floors Apartments in Downtown Dubai

Half-floor apartments are located on half of a floor. Usually smaller in size than full-floor apartments, they’re more affordable. Half-floor apartments can be found in both new and older buildings.

Studios in Downtown Dubai

Studio apartments are small, one-room apartments often including a kitchenette and a bathroom. They are typically less expensive than other studio apartments in Dubai and are a popular option for young professionals and students.

8. Investment Options in Dowtown Dubai

Dubai’s vibrant property market rolls in fantastic off-plan properties on a constant in Downtown Dubai with solid potential for investors to make profitable growth for the coming years.

Some of the most recently launched developments are Forte Apartments by Emaar, Bellevue Towers, IL Primo Apartments, Emaar Grande Apartments, and Burj Crown Apartments.

9. Nearby Communities

A potpourri of upscale residential communities offers peaceful, seclusion, and family-friendly living, all while being conveniently close to the well-known attractions of a large city like Dubai. Extensive green spaces, immaculate lawns, parks, and gardens are other distinguishing features of these well-maintained neighbourhoods.

The popular neighbourhoods of Arabian Ranches, Business Bay, City Walk, Al Wasl, and Emaar South are some closest to Downtown Dubai.

FAQs About Downtown Dubai

Why is Downtown Dubai a good place to live?

Downtown Dubai is considered to be very diverse and cosmopolitan. Apart from the strong sense of community established, there is a wide range of things to explore and experience including shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Is Downtown Dubai safe for women?

Yes, Dubai has also made efforts to make the city safer for women. There are plenty of police officers and security guards on patrol, and the streets are well-lit.

Is Downtown Dubai freehold?

Yes, Downtown Dubai is among the 60 freehold areas which means non-nationals do have full ownership rights to the land once purchased.

What is the old name of Downtown Dubai?

Defined by its highways, modern skyscrapers, and lively atmosphere, Downtown Dubai is the brainchild of Emaar Properties. Primarily, when it was first developed before the 2000s, Downtown Dubai was then known as “Umm Al Tarif”. Over the years, this thriving neighbourhood has encapsulated the city’s spirit and charm while continuing to offer a modern urban experience.

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