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About MAG

MAG Property Development is a real estate firm that has been operating as the real estate division of MAG Group Holding, one of the largest corporate entities in the region since 1978. Its main goal is to provide the highest living standard possible through innovation and continuous progress.


MAG is a renowned Middle Eastern real estate developer, having completed several successful projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Among its diverse portfolios in Dubai are MAG 5 Boulevard, The MBL, MAG 318, MAG 230, The Polo Residence, and MAG EYE Townhouses and Apartments.


As a customer-centric development company with an interest in covering the real estate spectrum, MAG has over the years evolved from being a market leader in high-end luxury developments to trailblazing affordable housing initiatives. 


MAG aspires to be a leader in the real estate property market by adhering to a particular code of ethics based on honesty and integrity.

Properties By MAG

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