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Top Expo 2020 Attractions you don't want to miss in 2021

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Expo 2020 Dubai brings people from all over the world, connecting their minds and celebrating togetherness for the future. The Dubai Expo was originally scheduled to take place in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed it forward to October 2021 and it will run until March 2022. Expo 2020 is the world's biggest event for Business, entertainment, and there is something for every age group with different tastes.   

A packed performance schedule will always get you excited, from the latest and most famous world celebrities to comedians, to local talents, and touring attractions. Dubai will amaze the visitors for different things to do in Expo 2020 Dubai for 6 months with 60 plus daily events.

In this blog, we'll highlight the best-loved activities that await the visitors at this incredible location. Let's take a look at what Expo 2020 Dubai has to offer and amaze you:

Experience The Most Beautiful Al Wasl Dome Crowned    

Al Wasl Dome in Expo 2020 Dubai, where Al Wasl means a “connection”. This represents the Expo 2020 Dubai plan, which is a hub of a 6-month event, linking the 3 thematic districts and creating a focal point for visitors throughout Expo 2020. Hundreds of feet in the air, raising 800 tonnes of steel with a margin of error of three millimeters, was the tricky task required to construct Al Wasl Plaza, the iconic dome structure of the event Expo 2020. 

Visit Al Wasl Opera to witness the first Emirati opera

Two hours of entertainment are planned for Al Wasl Opera to celebrate Emirati culture for one thousand years. The Welsh National Opera presents this English-language production of A Midsummer Night's Dream as a collaboration between the two companies. Mohammed Fairouz, a renowned American composer, will compose the opera show for over 100 musicians and artists.

Enjoy Solar-Powered rain as it springs to life

The UAE has a very desert climate, so this would be ideal at this time. The Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2020 features a vertical farm thriving underpowered artificial indoor rain! As well as housing and growing mushrooms for the exhibit, it will include a giant planter enclosed in a giant cone. Rainwater collected by this pavilion's solar panel system is used to irrigate the mushroom nursery.

Listen to Robo-Beethoven at the Germany Pavilion

""Robo-Beethoven"" will be performed at the Germany Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai to commemorate the composer's 250th birthday. Beethoven's music will be reinterpreted by the robots using classical, acoustic, rock, and electronic instruments.

Take a ride on the world's first ropeless elevator 

The future is here. The world's first ropeless elevator in Expo 2020 Dubai is a multi-directional elevator that was installed this year in The German pavilion Expo 2020. The ropeless elevator is similar to the Metro system, like how the metro works without the cables. You must have seen elevators moving up and down, but have you ever seen a cabin moving both ways horizontally and vertically? Experience the best ride in a ropeless elevator in Dubai expo 2020.    

Enjoy The Live Performances By Stars From All Over The World

The Live performances Expo 2020 Dubai will show the world-famous stars live to perform on stage for you! The visitors can either attend a concert, watch a new talent perform and encourage them, or laugh their head off at comedians who make smart, sarcastic jokes. Various one-off events, parades, surprises, and guest appearances will be carried out. There are a lot of activities for both little kids and adults.  

Experience the 3-D replica of Michelangelo's David

As the centerpiece of the Italy Pavilion, the iconic Renaissance sculpture will stand taller than the original (17 ft.). A magnificent, true-to-detail 3-D replica of Michelangelo's David will be on display at the Dubai Expo 2020 after nearly a year in the making, and 40 hours of scanning. 

Explore futuristic luxury cars 

Car lovers, you are absolutely in the picture. If you want to check on the beautiful cars then you are definitely in the right place. Expo 2020 Dubai offers you to try the most expensive, luxury and sports cars in the world. Germany’s Pavilion - the place from which some of the best car brands originate, display their most recent technology and upgrades related to the car industry.


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