8 Top Things to Consider before you Rent a Home in Dubai

8 Top Things to Consider before you Rent a Home in Dubai

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Dubai is a wonderful melting pot offering an excellent selection of residential properties to accommodate its fast-growing expat population. From reasonable apartments for rent in Dubai to luxurious villas for rent, the city of skyscrapers has a broad panoply of realty projects making Dubai a haven for renters.

With the turbulent 2020 year, properties across Dubai have witnessed a decline in rental rates making the real estate market more competitive than ever. Whether you are new in town or you are looking to shift home, renting an apartment in Dubai can be a big commitment and cause some unfamiliar challenges if you have not done it before. 

Here are our top tips to ensure you find the right home for you and your family:

1 – Location Is Key

Before renting a home in Dubai, several factors come into play majorly proximity to schools, medical facilities, workplace, groceries, public transport, recreational activities, and the list goes on. The ideal place is the one that offers affordability and convenience with easy connectivity to the rest of the city; it is vital to determine as an individual in which category of person you fit into and what are your priorities in terms of location and neighborhood. Daily life can be easeful and less costly if you are not spending hours stuck in traffic or walking a long distance to access grocery stores, especially in Dubai’s summer heat. 

2 – Credible Sources & Certified Real Estate Agent

The next step is to search on credible property portals to look at the numerous rental properties available in different regions and get a realistic price comparison. The vibrant city offers ample diversity in terms of location wise, apartment size, and other key aspects. Henceforth, it is fundamental to find a trustworthy RERA-certified agent who has clear market knowledge of the area you are looking into. And always request a copy of your agent’s RERA card to avoid any illegal freelance broker.

3 – Physical Inspection Is A Must

They say a picture is worth a thousand words yet when choosing a home to live in, pictures alone are not enough. Generally, most listings have clear pictures of the property making it easier for prospective tenants to shortlist their preferred ones. However, today we are living in a digital age where pictures can easily be photoshopped. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant surprises, arrange for a physical inspection before making any decision. Take your time to examine the unit thoroughly and make notes of any repairs that need to be completed before you move in. 

4 – Get Your Negotiation Power Back On Track & Stay Within Your Budget

Whether you are searching for apartments for rent in Al Barsha area, business bay apartments, or a posher living in Downtown, Marina, or Palm Jumeirah side, always keep your budget in mind. Whilst currently there is a decline in the price of rentals in Dubai, beware that once the market condition ameliorates, landlords, have the right to increase the rents as long as they are abiding by the RERA set rules. Hence, it is wise to keep a reserve of 5% to 10% at the top of your budget for any raise in the coming years. Finally, use your negotiation skills to work on the final price based on the rental trends in your chosen locality, the furnishing status of the property as well as repair costs if any, and the number of annual cheque payments.

5 – Additional Costs Link To Rentals

Leasing an apartment in Dubai is a commitment that comes with additional charges like a 5% Security Deposit, 5% Agency Fee, Ejari, DEWA deposit, Internet, other Utilities, and Maintenance costs if applied. Moreover, utility costs in Dubai vary from community to buildings so always enquire about the cost in your chosen region with your realty expert beforehand. Similarly, it is advisable to have an idea of the potential maintenance costs shall you be responsible for the maintenance services of the apartment.

6 – Property Highlights

As a rental hunter, you can easily be overwhelmed by all the options available when it comes to selecting the amenities you need over what you want. Every property boasts its own set of ‘must-have’ apartments and community amenities that offer the best value for the rent price. Therefore, to know which amenities are worthwhile for you ask yourself a set of questions relevant to you. 

For example:

  • If you have a car: Are there free parking facilities in the building?
  • Is Maintenance Free?
  • Is there 24-hour security?
  • Are there swimming pools or gym facilities?

7 – Know Your Rights

Get a heads up on the laws on tenants’ rights when renting a property in Dubai. First and foremost, make sure the landlord is the actual owner of the property. Before signing, read the contract agreement thoroughly, and ensure all points and clauses are clearly defined in the contract in terms of amenities, price, payment methods, and maintenance responsibility to ensure everything is legally binding. 

8 – Pet-Friendly Community

Last but not the least, if you are a pet lover and have pets in Dubai, it is always good to know at the outset if your new landlord will be happy to host your furry friend, and there is no restriction.

It is very easy to be too excited and rushed into deciding on viewing, but it’s important to take the time and check all the important details that personally matter to you before making a final decision and signing a contract.

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