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When is the Next Long Weekend End in Dubai | UAE Public Holidays in 2022

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UAE residents might be battling post-holiday blues after celebrating the 50th National Day and All of us are back to work and have a question on our minds: Are there any UAE public holidays coming up in 2022? Fortunately, we won't have to wait too long till the next break. A long weekend is a perfect time to switch off and enjoy a leisurely holiday. Whatever your interests are, you'll find plenty to do in the UAE, so we can't blame anyone for wanting an extra day. 2021 will have no more public holidays, but there is a lot planned for 2022. Here is The list of the United Arab Emirates public holidays in 2022 for you : * * New Year - January 1/ 2022 * * Eid Al Fitr - 1 May to 5 May / 2022 * * Day of Arafat - 09 July / 2022 * * Eid Al Adha - 10 July to 12 July / 2022 * * Islamic New Year - July 30 / 2022 * * Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Birthday - October 8 / 2022 * * Commemoration Day - December 1 / 2022 * * UAE National Day - December 2 and 3 / 2022 The UAE will celebrate its first public holiday for Newyear on January 1, 2022, which falls on Saturday, The good news is that following yesterday’s momentous announcement of the ‘New Weekend’ falling on Saturday and Sunday as of January 1st, the next 3-Day long weekend will most likely come sooner than expected starting December 31st, 2021-January 2nd, 2022 The next day off UAE 2022 is Arafat Day, which is expected to fall on Friday, July 8. Eid Al-Adha is expected to start on Saturday, July 9, giving us July 9 to 12 off. After that, Islamic New Year will be on Saturday, July 30. After Arafat Day off, which falls on Friday, July 8, UAE 2022 will next take a day off. We will have July 9-12 off due to Eid Al-Adha starting on Saturday, July 9. Our next break will come after the Islamic New Year, which will take place on July 30. On October 8th, Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) birthday falls and on December 1, Commemoration Day is observed, followed by the UAE National Day on December 2 and 3. Official dates are subject to confirmation by the government for the public and private sectors So, Excited to plan your upcoming holidays? Visit our website now for more information at

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